7 Things You Need to Present like Steve Jobs, regardsAli.com

24 09 2011

1 – Why should audience care ?
Answer the one question that matters most , why your audience should listen to you any way… read more at 7 Things You Need to Present like Steve Jobs


Microsoft UK Training with David Brent

21 05 2008

Part 1




Part 2

Funny Posters of David Brent, Microsoft

21 05 2008

Rule of the Game : Keep your ideas to your self

Microsoft offers cash back search

21 05 2008

Microsoft is expected to offer cash back to users of its search engine who buy products online, as it attempts to close the gap on rival Google.

Users will make savings on products sold by Microsoft’s advertiser partners via the so-called cashback service.

BBC News, Full Story Here

‘Pie terrorists’ attack Gates

21 05 2008

Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates became a victim of Belgium’s notorious “entarteurs” or pie throwers on a visit to the country in February 1998.

BBC News, See Full Video

Microsoft CEO’s egg attack

21 05 2008

Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, was heckled and had eggs thrown at him during a lecture to university students at the Corvinus University in Budapest.

BBC News See Full video

Socket Programming- TCP client

2 01 2008

This a very basic tutorial for TCP server-client.

The code against tcp-server , the Clients Code

#define SRVR_PORT 4030 // The Server’s Port which Client is going to Connect.

#define MAXBUFLEN 100// Buffer Size for Sending/Receiving

int main(int argc, char *argv[])

int sockfd;
struct sockaddr_in their_addr; // connector’s address information
struct hostent *he;
int numbytes;
char buf[MAXBUFLEN];

//The Code to Take Server’s Address at Commandline

//You can remove this and assign your server’s Address you want

if (argc != 2)
fprintf(stderr,”usage: ./client\n”);

if ((he=gethostbyname(argv[1])) == NULL) { // get the host info

//Creating the Socket(The Door for Communication)

if ((sockfd = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0)) == -1) {

//Setting the Attributes for Server Address

their_addr.sin_family = AF_INET; // host byte order
their_addr.sin_port = htons(SRVR_PORT); // short, network byte order
their_addr.sin_addr.s_addr = inet_addr(“″);//*((struct in_addr *)he->h_addr);
memset(&(their_addr.sin_zero),”,8); // zero the rest

int addrlen = sizeof(struct sockaddr);

//Connecting to The Server

//connect return the status for successful connection or failure

int status;
status = connect(sockfd,(struct sockaddr*)&their_addr,addrlen);


//Taking Input msg from Console

//Remove this if you not want from console Then use strcpy to fill the buffer

cout << “Enter ur message: “;

//The buffer conatain the message you want to send to server

// The send method sends to the sevrer , just give socket id , buffer , and buffer size to send

// and off course give error on failure

if ( (numbytes=send(sockfd, buf, strlen(buf) , 0)) == -1)

// To Nullify or Empty to the buffer use memset method


// The recv method is used for tcp recive , just sock id, buffer in which recv and length

// method return non-positive value for error

if ((numbytes=recv((int)sockfd,buf, MAXBUFLEN-1, 0)) == -1)

cout << “from server>” << buf << endl;


printf(“sent %d bytes to %s\n”, numbytes,inet_ntoa(their_addr.sin_addr));

close(sockfd); // It’s good to close the socket(the door) after Communication

return 0;


Let me know if you not uderstand any thing. I will upload the complete source code.