Imagine Cup in Pakistan

10 12 2007

The Olympics for Programmers   

“Imagine Cup is an annual competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft Corp. which brings together young technologists worldwide to help resolve some of the world’s toughest challenges.”

This year, Microsoft is calling on young programmers, artists and technologists around the world to “imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable environment.”

A number of Competition Categories for every one. Now every one can participate no excuses….!

Competition Categories includes

  • Software Design (for team. bIg!)
  • Game Development (for good logicians, artists)
  • IT Challenge( for single : to develop, deploy, and maintain IT systems)
  • Algorithm( for Hardcore CS students)
  • Photography(for every one? Yeah, i am not joking)
  • Short Film(for every one)
  • Interface Design(for girls han? no for all who have some good aesthetic,artistic,imaginative(too much 🙂 ) sense)

and ……. many other.

for detail just go Its Fun.!




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