Microsoft UK Training with David Brent

21 05 2008

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Funny Posters of David Brent, Microsoft

21 05 2008

Rule of the Game : Keep your ideas to your self

Microsoft offers cash back search

21 05 2008

Microsoft is expected to offer cash back to users of its search engine who buy products online, as it attempts to close the gap on rival Google.

Users will make savings on products sold by Microsoft’s advertiser partners via the so-called cashback service.

BBC News, Full Story Here

‘Pie terrorists’ attack Gates

21 05 2008

Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates became a victim of Belgium’s notorious “entarteurs” or pie throwers on a visit to the country in February 1998.

BBC News, See Full Video

Microsoft CEO’s egg attack

21 05 2008

Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, was heckled and had eggs thrown at him during a lecture to university students at the Corvinus University in Budapest.

BBC News See Full video

President of Pakistan invites Microsoft

12 12 2007

Pakistan Times

DAVOS (Switzerland): President General Pervez Musharraf on Saturday invited Microsoft to invest in Pakistan and to use it as a hub of IT activity in the region.

President Musharraf in a meeting with Chairman of Microsoft Bill Gates invited him to take benefit of the conducive investment climate in the country and invest in Pakistan.

He said Pakistan was fast becoming one of the hubs of IT and provided highly qualified professional manpower. He informed him of the initiatives taken by the government in the IT sector and the progress on e-commerce and e-governance.

Bill Gates :
Bill Gates said Microsoft will help Pakistan achieve its objectives in IT.

He said the Gates Foundation, working under the United Nations in the health sector, can further expand its scope and asked for proposals from the government to identify the sectors where it could concentrate.

Microsoft in Pakistan

10 12 2007

Contact at:

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